Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

A terrible and untrue stereotype about Mexicans is that they're lazy.  On this most patriotic day of Mexican pride, I would like to stand beside my tanner brothers and sisters and show my support.   I'd like to debunk this hateful stereotype by leading by example.  I'm a natural born, U.S. citizen, who loves my country so much that this is actually my diary (no joke!) wherein I write all my deepest secrets (sample entry: "sharted my pants today, threw underwear away in office bathroom"), and I'm showing how lazy I am by reposting my Cinco de Mayo post from two years ago.  That's some super lazy shit, and trust me - these colors do not run.  Suck on that, racists!

You only need one of the following items to have a great time: Pinatas, sombreros, and novelty-sized frozen drinks. But all 3 on one day? Only the Mexicans could have dreamed of a combination so sweet:

Put all 3 together, and you have this guy. Just livin' the dream:


wowchy said...


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

that caption is so true. we're fucking geniuses.

kdub said...

Is that first photo of a blind guy?

Monica said...

Love the doggie pic. I wonder how he felt about that margarita after he was finished with it?