Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coming Out Parties

In case you missed it because you were hiding in your closet of shame and self-hate, yesterday was National Coming Out Day. And while I commend the bravery of any young person who has the self-possesion to look in their parents' eyes and say "I'm mostly into leather daddies", there's another kind of Coming Out party that is even gayer. I'm talking about quinceneras, the Spanish version of Sweet 16 but for a girl's 15th birthday, and with even bigger, more poufy, and gayer dresses.

Judge for yourself if this isn't the gayest gala ever.

Felicidades, my LGBT friends.


Liz said...

the greatest part about that 60s one is that fiery gypsy painting in the background.

pyrex.kitty said...

i don't get how this is homosexual? quinces are a big deal and it's often a cover for a deflowering celebration (depending on the girl) i don't understand a lot of comments on your blog. i like the pictures though

Anonymous said...

The correct word is quinceañera, no "quicenera".

Anonymous said...

It takes place in Mexico, not in Spain.