Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Love a Good Parade

One of my favorite things about summer is parades. Who doesn't want to get groped by some papis at the Puerto Rican Day Parade? Or enjoy Coney Island's rich history at the Mermaid Day Parade?
The only thing New York doesn't have going for it is that the draconian police here won't let you go totally nude at the Gay Parade like they do in Berlin. Thanks for ruining my pride, Bloomberg.

P.S. Does anyone know the name for the ankle pack that guy has? An ankle-fanny pack? Fanklepack? Or just an probation alcohol monitor?


Jen said...

Why has Photobucket banned this image, but not Woodstock Man?

How very homophobic of them!

Anyway, you can still see the picture if you click through to Flickr.

party pooper said...

I reuploaded the image not through photobucket. They have a crazy scrict policy about nudity - they even removed a scan of a drawing of a nude Hugh Grant I once made.

Laura June said...

What parade is this? Jesus.

Jen said...

Ah! Ok, that makes sense. I retract my previous allegation against Photobucket, and instead think of them merely as prudish wet blankets.

I love "Sorry I Missed Your Party" by the way, it regularly has me in fits of giggles and I'm just waiting for pictures of my teenage cousins to turn up.
It's bound to happen sooner or later, particularly as they are always posing for ill advised photos whilst apparently out of their heads on Scrumpy.

zabadak said...

It looks like a penis only smaller.