Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girl Soup

A friend told me a story he heard from his friend who worked as a P.A. on a set of a Christopher Walken movie. Ok, fair enough, it's pretty much unreliable hearsay, but it's such a good story, I'm willing to indulge.

So apparently, one day the P.A. goes to Walken's hotel room, and Walken's naked in a hot tub with a bunch of girls, drinking. He says to the P.A. (cue Walken impression), "we've got a girl soup in here.... Why don't you come in and stir the girl soup with us!"

Everyone know hot tubs are for disgusting bacteria pools for reality show contestants and your parents when you finally move out of the house. But just suspend disbelief for a moment, and imagine Walken and the girl soup.

Stir gently...

And remember, you can't get pregnant if you do it in a jaccuzzi.


Anonymous said...

"we've got a girl soup in here.... Why don't you come in and stir the girl soup with us!"


brendan donnelly said...

my parents got a hot tub when we moved outta the house..and i had sex in their jacuzzi. you "nailed" it with this one.

party pooper said...

There's pretty much nothing I don't "nail" vis-a-vis jacuzzis.

Anonymous said...

dude, what do you do for a living? you writing is way too good for just a blog. write us a book or get yourself a newspaper/magazine column!

party pooper said...

Professionally, I clean the grease traps out of Gray's Papaya hot dogs. But that's just a day job until my hacky-sack career picks up.

zabadak said...

Can I imagine it WITHOUT Walken???

Anonymous said...

spicy soup.

more hot partpics:

feel free to peek ; )

Steve said...

Apparently Dan Meth of the Meth Minute reads this site. Chris Walken featured in a girl soup here:


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