Monday, February 18, 2008

Sluts and Parties

The best part of partying is the lowered inhibitions. However, the catch to "lowered" is that you have to start out with some semblance of inhibitions before the party starts. So when you decided to show up to the party already in this kind of outfit, you can only imagine just how low the inhibitions are going to get


Steven L said...

i also like to go to parties in black underwear. b/c i have no pockets, i also bring my fake louis vuitton bags (to carry the lube and poppers).

eyeslikesugar said...

I love the look of the girl in the middle, on the bottom. "Whaaa... picture?" And judging by the posed look of the girls on the right, I wonder how long her face held that bewildered look.

S. said...

It looks like the girl in the upper right corner has a handful of weave. That chick should glue her extensions in properly next time if she knows she'll be attending a party of this caliber.